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£2 million VAT fraud brothers jailed

Two brothers, who stole more than £1.6m through tax fraud and by stealing from their employees to finance their luxury lifestyles, have been jailed at Croydon Crown Court today for six years, following … Continue reading “£2 million VAT fraud brothers jailed”

Only one in six of us plan for the future

Standard Life has found that people in the UK live for the moment rather than the long term, with more than one in six (17%) failing to plan their finances at all, according … Continue reading “Only one in six of us plan for the future”

All Saints comes back from the brink

The retail giant, All Saints, may have found it saviours in a lucky escape from closing down many of it’s stores. A last minute deal was pulled off rescuing 2,000 staff and keeping … Continue reading “All Saints comes back from the brink”

The five barriers to business growth

According to UK Government statistics less than 20% of all companies achieve sustainable growth. Why is the number so low? What stops the majority of companies achieving growth? Roderic Michelson is a company … Continue reading “The five barriers to business growth”

British baby care brand Babyglow launched in China

Babyglow, the British brand that manufactures patented temperature monitoring baby clothing, has in the last week formally entered the Chinese market. The company is still best known for its appearance on “The Apprentice” … Continue reading “British baby care brand Babyglow launched in China”

“Windsor Power” is in action around the world

After Kate and William’s wonderfully traditional and glamorous Royal Wedding, “Windsor Power” is in action around the world. Prince William to Catherine Middleton’s spectacular Royal event delivered hundreds of millions of pounds in … Continue reading ““Windsor Power” is in action around the world”

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