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Co-op Bank to close 18 branches

The Co-operative Bank has announced plans to cut around 350 jobs and close 18 branches across the country. The high street bank said that the move was necessary due to the current economic … Continue reading “Co-op Bank to close 18 branches”

What is MT4 and why is it the most important trading

MetaTrader 4, commonly known as MT4, is the most important electronic trading platform as of today. MT4 is very popular among online retail foreign exchange traders due to its convenience, versatility, reliability, and … Continue reading “What is MT4 and why is it the most important trading”

Barclays faces investigation over spying software

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has launched a formalinvestigation over Barclays’ use of productivity software to monitor itsemployees. The system tracked how long individual workers spent away from theirdesks — including for toilet … Continue reading “Barclays faces investigation over spying software”

Inflation-safe investing is possible, here is a tip

Many people don’t know how or where to invest their money. So they leave it to their local bank and fail to keep the value of their capital in the longer run. Alternatives … Continue reading “Inflation-safe investing is possible, here is a tip”

Mainstream lenders slowly starting to re-lend

Some of the UK’s private lenders are slowly start to relend following the covid-19 break, Financial News reports. Most of the UK’s high street and private online lenders such as Amigo, Satsuma and … Continue reading “Mainstream lenders slowly starting to re-lend”

4 Tips to Save for Your Home’s Deposit in One Year

People are having more trouble purchasing homes than ever before. One recent survey found that 41% of perspective home buyers struggle to find a home that meets their needs and around 50% are … Continue reading “4 Tips to Save for Your Home’s Deposit in One Year”

Investment Into Gold With a Forex Company

Gold is regarded as a safe haven asset. This means that it retains its value even during an economic downturn. This said, it provides traders and investors the opportunity to diversify their investment … Continue reading “Investment Into Gold With a Forex Company”

ROFX Audit- Assuring Stability and Profitability

The world of forex trading is quite tough for a trader and requires a lot of time and effort to implement the best strategies. It normally takes a long time to figure out … Continue reading “ROFX Audit- Assuring Stability and Profitability”

Which Forex Pairs Pay The Most in the Year 2020?

Which market in the world that does not close at the end of every week and comprises the biggest trading volume of businesses globally and with individuals from nations across the globe taking … Continue reading “Which Forex Pairs Pay The Most in the Year 2020?”

Is trading forex during a crisis a wise move?

For many people, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been a time of upheaval. As well as the social and health costs of the pandemic, there’s also been a cost when it comes to … Continue reading “Is trading forex during a crisis a wise move?”

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