Cascade Aerospace to convert CL215 from piston to turbine

Cascade Aerospace said it will conduct a modernization program to convert a piston-engine CL215 to a turbine-engine CL215T for the Ministry of Environment for the government of Saskatchewan.

This conversion marks the ninth such conversion conducted by Cascade Aerospace and the fifth CL215 conversion for the Government of Saskatchewan. The converted aircraft will not only convert the engine, but feature improved and modernized structural components, electrical distribution system and engine fuel system, in addition to the replacement of manual flight controls by powered systems to benefit from added engine power and reduced pilot workload.

Once modified, the aircraft will perform similarly to the renowned Bombardier 415 firefighting aircraft but at significantly reduced cost. Globally, there are over 25 aircraft still eligible for this important upgrade available from Cascade Aerospace.

After conversion, the CL215T will have a maximum cruise speed of about 350 Km/h (189 Knots), almost 20 percent faster than the CL215. In an average mission of six miles from water to fire, the CL215T can complete ten drops in an hour, two more than the CL215, putting a total of 12,000 gallons of fire suppressant on a fire.