Carii Launches Platform For Secure Communication & Collaboration

Carii, the award-winning mobile and web community networking platform, has launched a new SaaS version called Connective.Network to meet critical needs in these times of growing digital interaction, the company said.

The SaaS version combines flexible platform features normally only available for white-label clients in a self-service model that organizations can activate directly.

Connective.Network is a robust community-networking platform offering a multi-faceted seamless alternative to stand-alone tools like Zoom, Slack & Trello, in a secure common experience for efficient remote work & collaboration. A unique one-stop solution for all community needs, the platform includes robust features: Jitsi video conferencing, websites, posts, chat, content library, Forum, projects, member & expert profiles, events, coins, payments, marketplace & sponsors.

The platform is uniquely suited for organizations with disparate stakeholders who want to connect and work together efficiently in a trusted environment. One of the key strengths of the platform is its focus on user security, privacy and control. Security has been a foundation of the platform throughout – with user authentication, private communities, private posts, private chats, private projects; and granting access only to authorized members. The integrated video conferencing tools have also been selected for privacy features.

Clients are using the Connective platform to bring together their members, customers, partners, experts and teams to interact with each other in a trusted environment.

A supportive bridge between nonprofits and businesses, goodLinc has created a multi-sided market business exclusively on the platform.

Founded in 2014, Carii connects communities and leverages collaboration to create a completely new web and mobile-enabled sharing platform, helping organizations reduce complexity to simplicity. Join the Connective conversation at