CareView Communications gets private cable operator license

CareView Communications, Inc. (OTCQB: CRVW) has executed an agreement with Dish Network, LLC, a Colorado company, (NASDAQ: DISH), to become a Private Cable Operator (PCO), the company said.

This agreement will enable CareView to provide television network services via Dish Network as part of its full suite of products and services offered through its CareView System.

As a PCO, CareView will have greater flexibility and less overhead than cable operators or public utility companies and can pass savings along to its customers. This bulk programming will provide a low cost viewing package that can be delivered to each room within assisted living centers, nursing homes and hospitals.

CareView installs its equipment in healthcare facilities at no charge, thereafter generating revenue from subscriptions to its suite of products and services that are priced as a bundled service. As CareView´s tiered pricing structure is based on the volume commitment by each customer, it intends to include television services via Dish Network to skilled nursing and assisted living centers as part of the bundled service offering to allow customers access to the full suite of CareView services.

The company´s CareView System provides a full complement of clinical and patient monitoring services for a variety of healthcare facilities. It also provides an entertainment suite of services to increase patient satisfaction scores and enhance the overall image of the facility including first-run, on-demand movies, Internet access and the ability to visit with family and friends through video conferencing.