CAPSE names awards for China Travel in UK

Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation (CAPSE) and Institute for Aviation Research (IAR) have presented the China Travel Awards to major global airlines at the international aviation conference, the company said.

The China Travel Awards are awarded by CAPSE from the perspective of Chinese passengers and were created to recognise the achievements generated by airlines who merit the bespoke award. The various award winners are evaluated based on the analysis of passengers´ reviews across the whole process of services.

The survey covered 334 airlines and 788 airports globally on 5,428 international routes from China to the rest of the world; a total of 10,992 flights were evaluated and over 200,000 questionnaires were collected.

Founded in 2012, CAPSE (Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation) is an independent third-party organization of civil aviation service based in China. CAPSE focuses on data consultation and service solutions.