Canvas, Clever partnership shows promising results

Instructure said it has announced promising back-to-school results from its data integration partnership with Clever.

In three months, Instructure integrated more than 300,000 student accounts in Canvas with schools´ student information systems (SIS). This enables schools using Canvas and Clever to provide a single sign-on experience for both systems.

Canvas is a cloud-based LMS that connects all of the digital tools and resources K-12 teachers and students use into one simple place. Teachers use Canvas to create digital assignments, to make grading simple and to stay in touch with parents. Schools use Canvas to create a digital learning environment for their teachers and students. By working with Clever, Instructure is making it easier for schools to integrate their SIS with Canvas.

Instructure partnered with Clever in 2015 to simplify and speed these integrations for its growing customer base. Clever specializes in helping schools integrate and deploy educational technology at scale in today´s classrooms. More than 44,000 K-12 schools in the US use Clever today.

Clever was founded in 2012 by educators and technologists who knew that widely available educational apps could improve both teaching and learning, but that tools to deploy and secure the applications were simply unavailable.

Instructure created Canvas and Bridge to enable organizations to develop, deliver and manage engaging face-to-face and online learning experiences.