Canadian UAVs, Measure to deliver trans-national drone services

As part of its effort to deliver cost-effective actionable data to enterprise customers, Measure, one of the leading operators of drones in the United States, has partnered with the leading Canadian drone company, Canadian UAVs, the company said.

Together, the two companies will use the latest in drone technology to provide real-time data analysis to businesses on both sides of the US-Canada border.

The partnership between Measure and Canadian UAVs provides businesses with real-time response capability. With Canadian UAVs use of helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and drones, Measure can now fly anywhere in Western Canada to acquire data for enterprise customers. Both companies pride themselves on conducting flights that are safe, legal, and insured using only licensed pilots.

Canadian UAVs is a Calgary-based solutions provider of unmanned aerial vehicles focused on safety-first data acquisition. The company provides a range of innovative UAV solutions for a range of environments where the gathering and analysis of low cost imagery satisfies safety and regulatory requirements. The company uses advanced technology to map, survey, monitor and report on areas and assets to mitigate risk.

Measure is one of the nation´s leading Drone as a Service® companies with Federal Aviation Administration approval to fly more than 1000 different types of drones for a broad range of commercial applications.