Camusat provides solar heating water system to hospital in Kenya

Camusat, an implementer of telecom infrastructures, has equipped Kyeni Consolata Hospital in Kenya with a solar heating water system in order to provide hot water for the Maternity and Paediatrics wards that host 79 beds, the company said.

Capacity of the system is 600 litres of hot water in Maternity and 600 litres in Paediatrics.

This project was part of Camusat´s employees ´associative commitment incentive program, named “I volunteer with Camusat” and launched in December 2015.

Thanks to this solar heating water system, Consolata hospital, which has been awarded the Johnson and Johnson´s Best Maternity in Eastern, can now offer even better antenatal and postnatal care; an improvement that the whole community will benefit from.

Located on Kenya´s Eastern Province, under the Diocese of Embu since 1970, Consolata Hospital Kyen is comprised of 167 beds, outpatient facilities and 15 dispensaries in remote areas. Also a teaching hospital, it hosts the FIDENZA School of Nursing.

The A&E casualty department is open 24 hours a day providing comprehensive emergency services as well as receiving patients referred from primary health care facilities and clinics in the environs.

CAMUSAT is one of the market leaders in the implementation of telecom infrastructures and one of the most experienced network developers with a history which starts back in the late 40´s. Its headquarters are in Paris, France. Nearly half of Camusat´s 2000 employees work on the African continent. The company operates on the five continents with over 40 subsidiaries.