CamFind visual search engine goes social

Image Searcher, Inc. said it has released a new version of CamFind for iOS, a mobile visual search engine.

The new update promises to improve on CamFind´s image recognition and visual search technology, and to provide a brand new user interface allowing interaction with pictures being taken by users around the globe.

Although CamFind first made visual search available in 2013, this marks a major achievement for the industry as a whole, as for the first time visual search has become social. Users will now have the ability to “search the physical world” and to like images in order to upvote them in CamFind´s new “Popular” pictures feed.

“We wanted to literally and figuratively give developers the gift of ´sight,´ meaning we would provide the visual search technology for their products and services,” said CamFind cofounder and CEO Dominik Mazur. “We also want developers to use their imaginations to create new and exciting possibilities for physical devices.”

Image Searcher, Inc. was founded on September 7, 2012, by Bradford Folkens and Dominik Mazur. Image Searcher´s mission is to deliver the most superior mobile visual search solution to people around the world.