Cambridge Pixel releases rack-mount dual channel radar signal converter

Cambridge Pixel, a supplier of radar display, tracking and recording sub-systems, has introduced a 1U 19″ rack-mount dual channel radar signal converter, the company said.

The new compact and low-power unit offers radar-to-network conversion on two independent channels and provides a cost-effective way of importing legacy data from two radars into a modern display such as on a naval ship or in an air traffic control application.

The dual channel radar converter accepts radar signals as video, trigger and azimuth data in the form of ACP/ARP pulses. The radar video is digitised, processed and converted into network packets in standard ASTERIX CAT-240 format.

The radar converter provides a very flexible radar interface that can support a wide range of signal types and voltages to allow interfacing to different radars including those from Furuno, JRC, Kelvin Hughes, Koden, Raytheon, Sperry and Terma, as well as specialist military radars.

The new rack-mount unit comprises two Cambridge Pixel HPx-346 radar-to-network cards featuring a combined ARM/FPGA system-on-chip processor to handle the radar acquisition and data conversion. Other packaging options are available including support for additional channels in a single enclosure if required.

Cambridge Pixel´s radar technology is used in naval, air traffic control, vessel traffic, commercial shipping, security, surveillance and airborne radar applications. Its systems have been implemented in mission critical applications.