Calix Intelligent Access EDGE Keeps Broadband Subscribers Connected

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has announced the quarterly release of the Intelligent Access EDGE, which enhances the Access EDGE Tools by delivering advanced network resiliency, reliability, and automation capabilities, the company said.

The Intelligent Access EDGE simplifies network operations, enabling CSPs to keep subscribers connected and workers safe with enhanced service provisioning and remote network troubleshooting–critical as they face challenges introduced by COVID-19.

This release enhances the AXOS® Services Management Connector (SMx), adding new levels of serviceability and flexibility to handle the increased demands on their networks. AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox works in parallel with SMx, giving CSPs advanced remote network troubleshooting capabilities. Overlaying both of these tools is Access EDGE Enablement, with dedicated Calix Professional Services team members ready to help CSPs accelerate the deployment and turn up of AXOS networks with minimal impact on their subscribers and operations teams.

Alongside the quarterly product upgrades, Calix Access EDGE Enablement delivers a pair of services that take the guesswork out of planning, installing, and turning up AXOS networks. The SMx Deployment Service delivers a firsthand orientation on service configuration and subscriber provisioning, while the SMx Turn Up Service assists CSPs in getting SMx installed, turned up, and running smoothly.

Calix provides cloud and software platforms, systems, and services required to deliver the unified access network and smart premises of tomorrow.