Calix Intelligent Access EDGE Automates Network Service Provisioning

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has announced the launch of Automated Network Service Provisioning, a new feature of the Services Management Connector (SMx) which offers significant labor and OPEX savings to communications service providers (CSPs), the company said.

When combined with the AXOS® platform, SMx enables CSPs to deliver services 80 percent faster. Specifically, this capability allows CSPs to pre-provision subscriber services without the OLT, reducing the complexity of service turn up and generating new operational savings. This quarterly update to the Intelligent Access EDGE builds on the widely deployed Calix Smart Activate, the main capability that helped simplify ONT provisioning.

The new automated network service provisioning capability in SMx builds on Smart Activate by automatically provisioning the services without having to manually touch multiple systems.

With this new functionality, CSPs can pre-provision subscriber services. Network operations teams can simply select an ONT, assign subscriber services to it, and SMx will automatically push provisioning to the correct OLT. This substantially reduces the time required to turn up new services and accelerates time-to-value for CSPs. The process is also backward-compatible and will update in SMx when the network operations technician makes changes.

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