Calix Expands Wi-Fi 6 Experience with Second Generation EDGE Systems

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has released two new EDGE Systems, the GigaSpire® BLAST u6.1 and u6.2, second generation Wi-Fi 6 systems that enable communications service providers (CSPs) of all sizes to expand their subscriber experience offerings and lead their market with the Revenue EDGE solution, the company said.

Marketing, support, operations, field technicians, and compliance teams can successfully launch the new BLAST systems, which serve as digital storefronts in weeks thanks to the integrated capabilities of the EXOS® platform.

Calix was first to market with carrier-class Wi-Fi 6 in 2018 and has spent 18 months expanding use cases and platform functionality so that CSPs can elevate their Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi 6 experience. Now with the BLAST u6, subscribers never have to feel the need to venture to a big box store for a Wi-Fi router again.

Calix is the global provider of the cloud and software platforms, systems, and services required to deliver the unified access network and smart premises of tomorrow.