CalAmp messaging unit targets mining markets

CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP) said it has introduced the LMU-4520, a new environmentally sealed, dual-mode location-and-messaging device for mining and construction equipment that features both satellite and cellular communications as well as connection to on-board engine control units.

The rugged LMU-4520 will enable worldwide monitoring and control of mobile assets in extreme climates and challenging operating conditions. Initial shipments will begin in November of this year.

“With heavy equipment deployed around the globe, locating, monitoring and controlling these mobile assets presents an operational challenge to customers in the mining and construction industries. CalAmp’s unrivaled ability to combine multiple wireless communications technologies in a single device will allow enterprises to efficiently manage valuable assets, wherever they are deployed,” said Greg Gower, senior vice president and general manager of CalAmp’s Mobile Resource Management business.

The LMU-4520 was designed for deployment in harsh operating conditions. Its sealed enclosure meets IP-67 standards for dust, dirt and moisture. The versatile unit features high-sensitivity GPS for reliable location and tracking, and a low-power, 16G-force accelerometer capable of measuring motion, driver behavior and impact events. A heavy-duty vehicle data bus interface provides access to vehicle information and fault codes that help assess location and operational characteristics, such as engine run time, oil pressure, temperature and other key performance metrics.

Enabling worldwide remote communications, the LMU-4520 comes equipped with either HSPA, CDMA 1x or GSM/GPRS cellular technologies, as well as optional satellite or Wi-Fi for data communications, assuring connectivity even when outside the cellular footprint. The LMU-4520 employs CalAmp’s pioneering PEG (Programmable Event Generator) on-board alert engine which monitors external conditions and supports customer-defined, exception-based rules for time, date, motion, location, geo-zone, input and other event combinations. The device also incorporates CalAmp’s PULS (Programming, Updates, and Logistics System) for over-the-air device management and maintenance.

CalAmp develops and markets wireless communications solutions that deliver data connectivity services for critical networked communications and other applications.