Cable ONE launches 2 gigabit Piranha fiber Internet in Fargo

Fargo-area businesses can now enjoy up to two gigabits per second of symmetrical Internet speed with the launch of Cable ONE Business´s new service, Piranha Fiber — Ferociously Fast Internet, the company said.

The company´s newest fiber optic Internet service is available to businesses in two areas of Fargo and West Fargo. Businesses along the 52nd Avenue corridor near Veterans Boulevard in southwest Fargo and business near the I-94/I-94 Business split in West Fargo are among those with immediate access to the new service. Piranha Fiber Internet service will be available to additional businesses throughout the Fargo metro area by mid-2017.

The new Internet service is delivered over a Passive Optical Network (PON), which combines the most favorable attributes from coax and fiber. Benefits include service delivered over an extremely reliable fiber-based architecture and shared bandwidth, which allows Cable ONE Business to spread its infrastructure costs over a broader customer base and offer the service at a price that´s affordable for most small businesses.

Cable ONE Business helps businesses of all sizes increase productivity by providing superior communications solutions at an affordable price, and backing those solutions with the highest level of customer service and support. Our wide range of products include high-speed Internet, phone and cable TV services for small and medium-sized businesses, and fiber-based Internet, phone and Ethernet solutions for large enterprises.