C Spire delivers wireless network broadband boost with maximum range LTE

Mobile service provider C Spire has expanded coverage for much of its 4G LTE network as it nears completion of the latest phase of its new cutting-edge, maximum range low-band spectrum technology initiative, the company said.

The telecom and technology services company, which operates the nation´s largest privately held wireless communications unit and the 6th largest in the US, has added 700 MHz or 850 MHz low-band spectrum to more than 900 cell sites, which extends already robust, industry-leading coverage over longer distances and inside offices, commercial buildings and homes.

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets on unlimited plans, C Spire also is starting to deploy new technology to 175 additional cell sites that is expected to boost capacity and provide up to 50 percent faster peak wireless data speeds using software that combines multiple channels to speed mobile data over the network more quickly than ever before.

C Spire is a diversified telecommunications and technology services company that provides premium experiences designed specifically for its customers, including wireless communications, high-speed Internet access and a range of other telecommunications products and services to consumers and businesses.