C-ASTRAL Aerospace launches long endurance UAS

C-ASTRAL Aerospace has launched its new Bramor ppX long endurance small UAS in the US market, together with the ppX-LRS (long range solar) version, developed in conjunction with thin film solar cells company Alta Devices, the company said.

The ppX UAS builds upon a decade of operational experience in 80 countries with more than 50,000 global flight hours. The new ppX is complemented with a C3P (Command Control Communications and Planning) software package for mission planning and flight control, enabling a new level of situational awareness and intuitive systems control as well as with an online fleet management and maintenance support system, which will also enable current users and operators to share technical data as well as mission profile and performance parameters advice.

C-ASTRAL systems are used in research and development as well as environmental monitoring and compliance projects, ranging from the Arctic to Antarctica and have been flown in missions up to 14000 ft altitude.

C-Astral is a manufacturer of high capability small, specialized, fixed-wing unmanned aerial systems (UAS). C-Astral systems fly with six sovereign entities on force protection, border protection, fire control and surveillance operations on four continents and more than 150 commercial and scientific operators globally.