Byogy Renewables secures ASTM bio-jet fuel specification

California biofuel company Byogy Renewables welcomed ASTM Alcohol To Jet (ATJ) ethanol based specification ballot measure approval, putting Byogy on track as a leader to produce one of the world´s first “full replacement” renewable jet fuels, the company said.

The ASTM emerging fuels division voted in favor of a new global specification that can now open the floodgates to significant volumes of renewable aviation fuel. This historic jet fuel specification is a direct nexus between the global ethanol industry and the aviation sector, connecting two mature industries that could never be linked in the past. Now ethanol can be used as a feedstock to make renewable jet fuel.

The global network of ethanol production and distribution is well established, as is the downstream petroleum infrastructure delivering jet fuel. This new ASTM specification allows these two global supply chains to connect so as to produce renewable jet fuel in significant volumes, and in places where it could not be produced before.

As the pioneer of the ATJ process, Byogy is one of the few companies that produce full replacement fuels, as opposed to only blend-stock products. Significantly, Byogy´s fuels may ultimately be able to be distributed into the existing fossil fuel infrastructure at any point and at any ratio without tracking. This will allow carbon credit accounting to take place at the production source, similar to the carbon credit bookkeeping of the wind and solar industries.

Byogy Renewables, Inc. is a biofuels technology company, headquartered in San Jose, California with divisional companies in Brazil and Australia.