Butler National approved to install avionics solution into Lear jets

Butler National Corporation (OTC: BUKS) has received Federal Aviation Administration approval to install the Butler National ADS-B(Out) avionics solution into the Learjet Model 24/25 and Learjet Model 35/36 series airplanes, the company said.

The FAA STC approval provides for an ADS-B(Out) solution by retrofit of the two existing transponders with the Garmin GTX-345R [ADS-B(In) and (Out)] or GTX-335R [ADS-B(Out)] transponders and installation of the GTN 625, 725, 650 or 750 Navigator/GPS/SBAS WAAS for real time aircraft location. The Learjet 20 and 30 Series offering expands the Butler Learjet Model 60 ADS-B offering (STC ST02455SE).

The ADS-B equipment mandate in the United States is set for January 1, 2020. The Butler National ADS-B solutions are now available for the Learjet 60, Learjet 35/36 and the Learjet 24/25 series airplanes. The approved installations allow equipment variation for multiple levels of functionality for the operator in addition to ADS-B(Out) compliance.

Butler Avionics, Inc. is a manufacturer and provider of support systems for commercial and military aircraft and a recognized provider of management services in diverse business groups including the gaming industry.