Business jet operators now have more options to upgrade their cockpits

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is expanding its Primus Elite® cockpit offerings with new Federal Aviation Administration certifications for Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer and Fairchild-Dornier aircraft, the company said.

This provides business jet operators with a simple display upgrade option that delivers advanced functionality and improved visual clarity. In addition, Honeywell has regulatory approval for its Primus Elite Advanced Features software upgrade, enabling pilots to use the Synthetic Vision System to help them be more aware of their surroundings and increase safety.

The new Primus Elite Supplemental Type Certifications (STC) allow operators to gradually update their systems at a lower cost rather than invest in a full cockpit upgrade up front. With a one-to-one upgrade, operators can install Honeywell´s DU875 liquid-crystal displays (LCD), which are more reliable and are seven pounds lighter than the DU870 cathode-ray tube displays, which are now obsolete.

Once all cockpit displays have been upgraded, pilots will have access to more advanced technology such as electronic charts and maps, graphical weather, and video inputs through the Primus Elite upgrade program. Finally, Honeywell has recently certified the Primus Elite Advanced Features software upgrade via STC as well.

The update, available to operators with the new LCD displays and the Primus Elite cockpit upgrade, gives pilots access to the Synthetic Vision System, a 3-D color image of runways, terrain and obstacles that gives pilots a clearer view of their flight path. This feature is especially valuable when flying into an unfamiliar airport in the dark or in bad weather.

The Primus Elite cockpit upgrade improves safety and comfort for pilots by providing more situational awareness through enhanced flight-control monitoring and with an upgraded graphical user interface that displays information in pilots´ primary field of vision, helping them make inflight decisions more quickly.

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