BullGuard launches security scanner for IoT

BullGuard has launched BullGuard IoT Scanner, which reveals connected devices that could be vulnerable to hackers, the company said.

BullGuard IoT Scanner allows anyone to scan to see if their smart devices or network are accessible to hackers. If a user´s smart device is flagged as being vulnerable, details about the specific security issues are provided.

A recent BullGuard survey of over 6,000 UK consumers underlines the scale of the problem and the concerns many people have about the security of their smart devices. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents said they are concerned about the security of connected devices, while 72 percent do not know how to secure them properly.

BullGuard´s IoT Scanner uses data from Shodan.io, the first search engine for internet connected devices, to scan for vulnerable smart devices and presents results in a straightforward way that anyone can understand. This includes security cameras, baby monitors, Smart TVs and wearables that may be visible to hackers. If accessible devices are found, they are flagged along with details of potential vulnerabilities. An email report of scan results can help to diagnose problems further, and users can share notification of successful scans with friends and family to encourage them to protect their own smart devices.

BullGuard is an Internet security vendor with a product portfolio that includes Internet security solutions, mobile security, 24/7 identity protection, and social media protection for both home and small business users.