BuddyChecque to provide real-time employee health data for Swift Aviation with ConfirmD app

BuddyCheque has announced it has partnered with Swift Aviation to provide real-time employee health data on its app, ConfirmD, to inform safer decisions for Swift Aviation at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, the company said.

BuddyCheque´s app, ConfirmD, provides decision makers with up-to-date employee COVID-19 test results helping to ensure safety for associates and customers alike.

Swift Aviation is a leading fixed-base operator (FBO) at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, with a fleet of luxury private jets, while also providing aircraft maintenance and fueling.

The ConfirmD app offers individuals a platform to capture, track, and voluntarily share their provider-verified health information and COVID-19 test results. ConfirmD provides a portable, HIPAA-compliant health data solution to individuals and enterprises.