Buchanan & Edwards Advances to Premier Partner Status With ServiceNow

Buchanan & Edwards Inc., an award-winning technology and intelligence operations consulting firm, has announced that it has advanced its relationship with ServiceNow to the level of Premier Partner, which will enable the company to provide even greater levels of capabilities and efficiencies in cloud-based workflow automation solutions for federal and commercial customers, the company said.

Buchanan & Edwards has also expanded its accreditations, becoming a Public Sector Partner, and is continuing to develop its public sector services and training as an Authorized Training Provider.

Through its partnership with ServiceNow over the past three years, Buchanan & Edwards has been able to bring tremendous value to its customers across a wide range of federal agencies, providing faster and more cost-effective, efficient solutions to mission-critical challenges and obstacles. Leveraging the ServiceNow partner platform, Buchanan & Edwards has also developed a methodology to include a strategy and governance component that enables IT managers to establish a clear path for program success and accountability for ROI.

Its ServiceNow partnership has also allowed Buchanan & Edwards to expand IT capabilities into the Security Operations Application Suite to meet the growing demands of its defense and intel customers. Buchanan & Edwards´ growing services and highly specialized, cleared ServiceNow experts have enabled the firm to incorporate its ServiceNow work into the Department of Defense, throughout which the company supports multiple agencies.

ServiceNow is a cloud-computing company based in California. With more than 5,000 team members, the company delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlocks productivity to approximately 5,400 enterprise customers worldwide. Learn more about ServiceNow by visiting www.servicenow.com.

Buchanan & Edwards delivers a range of ServiceNow solutions and offerings, including best practices for governance, road mapping, IT operations, enterprise service management and business management focus; predefined training, process guides and delivery artifacts to speed transition to ServiceNow solutions; and a structured implementation framework to quickly capture organizational data and configuration information. For additional information, visit www.Buchanan-Edwards.com.