Browsi launches automatic mobile page yield engine

Browsi has released its automatic mobile web monetization engine, offering publishers an autonomous, seamless platform to discover untapped, incremental revenue opportunities in their mobile web pages, without involving internal resources or compromising user engagement, the company said.

Easily implemented, Browsi engine scans multiple page elements in real time to detect the under monetized articles. Once such an opportunity is detected, additional placements are created and yield optimized ads are served, generating new, additional revenue. Working with Browsi, publishers improve their overall pages´ RPMs by 20%-50% every month.

The average mobile web user session is a couple of page views long, with a lifespan of any particular article being between 1-3 days at the most. As a result, optimizing every article´s yield before interest declines becomes complicated, requiring the attention of many stakeholders, vast automation, and a complete sync between departments.

Browsi is an automatic monetization engine enabling publishers to generate additional new revenues on any mobile web page. It was established in 2015 by ad tech industry veterans.