Broadvoice allows bundling of cloud services for value-added opportunities

Broadvoice has added contact center capabilities to its PBX portfolio, the company said.

The cloud-based contact center platform, powered by Five9, enables customer service representatives to be more effective on the phone so they can sell more and service customers better. The offering allows inbound and outbound calling, supports multichannel approaches that incorporate mobile, social, email and chat channels, and can be used in blended environments that may use a mix of outbound, inbound and multichannel communications.

Software perks include the Smart Dialer, which give reps more time with live prospects, Intelligent Routing to get calls to the right rep, and the On Screen Caller Info that puts customer information at reps´ fingertips. Also, all interactions are automatically logged into customers´ CRM systems, and a raft of reporting capabilities allow organizations to better monitor and manage their teams. Overall, the platform can boost team productivity by up to 300 percent.

Broadvoice also has invested in extensive integration that allows its on-premise PBX offering and the cloud-based contact center platform to interconnect and effectively talk to each other. As a result, contact center users can transfer a call to a PBX user seamlessly, and vice versa. And, the interconnection allows all inbound and outbound traffic to be routed over the Broadvoice network, so that end users can take advantage of low international rates and other on-network benefits.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Broadvoice is a premier provider of hosted voice and data products.