Broadband VI Using SIAE Microelettronica for Critical Multi-Gigabit Connections

SIAE Microelettronica, Inc., a supplier and innovator of licensed microwave backhaul solutions, has announced that Broadband VI, LLC, the fixed wireless Internet service provider in the United States Virgin Islands (USVI), utilizes their ALFOplus80HDX 80GHz and ALFOplus2 RF-multicore microwave backhaul solutions for network growth and resiliency, the company said.

Broadband VI provides fiber and wireless-based services to residential, commercial, enterprise, academic and public sector customers, and has a history of continuous investment in its outside plant to meet growing customer demand. Category 5 hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the USVI with windspeeds exceeding 175 mph and wiped out most telecommunications services. Broadband VI was the first ISP to restore service and looked to build a scalable multi-gigabit infrastructure while also improving resiliency and reliability.

Broadband VI turned to SIAE Microelettronica to supply highly reliable and resilient microwave systems. With 10Gbps (ALFOplus80HDX) and 1.4Gbps (ALFOplus2) capacities, all with hardened, carrier-grade construction, these solutions exceeded the requirements while designed to stand up to the harsh conditions periodically experienced in the USVI.

Founded in 2002, Broadband VI provides high-speed wireless and fiber connectivity, and is the largest fixed wireless provider in the USVI. Broadband VI provides the fastest and most reliable Internet connectivity within the USVI and was chosen “Best Internet Service Provider” for 2018 and 2019 by the residents and readers of the Virgin Islands Daily News.

SIAE Microelettronica is a provider of wireless communication technology, offering operators advanced solutions for microwave and millimetre-wave transport, services and network design, with a primary focus on mobile backhaul. SIAE Microelettronica designs and produces its own RF components liaising over in-house advanced RF-lab, clean room facilities and complete product assembly.