Broadband Services in Saudi Arabia to Receive Boost From New Open Access Initiative

All six Telecom Service Providers in Saudi Arabia have signed an open access agreement led by Saudi Arabia´s telecom regulator Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) guaranteeing the provision of fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband services through any subscriber-selected service provider, independent of fiber infrastructure ownership, the company said.

The agreement was signed on February 23rd by the CEOs of STC, Mobily, Zain, Etihad Atheeb Telecom (GO), Integrated Telecom company (ITC) and Integrated Dawiyat. The initiative aims to encourage competition, attract investment, and increase broadband subscriptions by improving service quality and consumer choice.

Commercial agreements were signed between the operators after the completion of more than 90 workshops regulated by the Fiber Bitstream Rules and Guidelines published by the CITC in November 2019.