Broadband Forum Finalizes 2 5G Standards

Operators looking to leverage their fixed networks to deliver on the promise of 5G will soon have new tools at their disposal as Broadband Forum wraps up the development of two new standards and delivers on its promise to rapidly support the 3GPP release cycles, the company said.

Based on contributions from operators and vendors across the globe and close collaboration with the 3GPP, ´5G Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Architecture´ (TR-470) and ´Access Gateway Function (AGF) Functional Requirements´ (TR-456) build on Broadband Forum´s previous 5G work to provide a practical roadmap to deliver 5G.

TR-470 describes the 5G FMC architecture to provide a high-level guide for network architects and planners, while TR-456 describes the functional requirements of the AGF. The AGF resides between fixed access networks and the 5G core network to support 5G and wireline Residential Gateways, creating a truly converged deployment.

The specifications are completing the approvals process and will be published as Broadband Forum´s other 5G initiatives continue. These include ongoing work to standardize and enhance the transport network to ensure it can meet the demands of 5G, and normative work is also beginning on Broadband Forum´s joint FMC project with 3GPP.

Broadband Forum is the communications industry´s open standards development organization focused on accelerating broadband innovation, standards, and ecosystem development, an open, non-profit industry organization composed of the industry´s broadband operators, vendors, thought leaders who are shaping the future of broadband, and observers who closely track its progress.