British baby care brand Babyglow launched in China

Babyglow, the British brand that manufactures patented temperature monitoring baby clothing, has in the last week formally entered the Chinese market. The company is still best known for its appearance on “The Apprentice” in the UK at the end of 2010, when it set new records for the television show.

The brand was encouraged by its commercial consultants to look at the Chinese market at early stages of its development. The single child policy and the importance of that market to the current and future global economy make it a unique location for a brand such as Babyglow.

The launch platform was the important Mother-Infant-Child Products Fair in Beijing. Inventor Chris Ebejer flew to China for the occasion and completed six television interviews, some of which were broadcast live nation-wide and simultaneously shown on 25 foot giant screens at the show.

This latest bold move marks another milestone for this award winning British brand, who have only started to operate commercially from the middle of last year with their products which warn carers if a baby has an increased localised or average body temperature.

Chris Ebejer has spoken to some of the Chinese parents that visited the show via interpreters. He was touched by stories from concerned parents who’s children have suffered from febrile convulsions and fits caused by fever. He commented afterwards that “it is when you hear people tell you themselves that your product is going to be so helpful to them that all the years of hard work getting to where we are now become so worth it”.

Deliveries of the brands’ iconic temperature monitoring suits are now arriving in those stores in China that placed orders prior to the show.

China’s most important baby industry retailers have been eager to spend time with the team on the stand and additional retail space in the country has already been agreed.

The brand is distributed in China by Babyglow’s authorized distributor HHIT. Babyglow is consulted and represented internationally by Conceptable London.