British Airways transports medical suppliers to UK for NHS

British Airways has announced it is flying vital medical supplies, including ventilators and PPE, from China to the UK to support the NHS, the company said.

Cargo is shipped in joint effort between British Airways, IAG Cargo, the UK Government and the British Embassy in Beijing.

The flight was operated in partnership with the UK Government and IAG Cargo. The British Embassy is working with the Department of Health to procure medical equipment from China and deliver it to NHS hospitals all over the UK.

The flight was the first of several British Airways flights containing medical equipment and supplies coming in to the UK from China. Over the coming days, 55 tonnes of hand sanitiser — equivalent to around 62,000 large bottles — will arrive in the UK on a similar flight from Shanghai.

The flight was made possible after the Civil Aviation Authority of China (CAAC) gave permission to reopen British Airways´ regular Shanghai to Heathrow passenger route for cargo use.

British Airways works with its sister company, IAG Cargo to fly supplies around the world. Since March, IAG Cargo and airlines within International Airlines Group (IAG) including Aer Lingus and Iberia have been instrumental in bringing medical supplies to Europe to help in the fight against the impact of the Covid-19.