British Airways introduces new inflight entertainment channel

British Airways has launched a new channel on its inflight entertainment system dedicated to sharing heart-warming customer stories in which the airline has had a hand in adding a special touch of magic, the company said.

The new channel known as ´BA Magic´ includes seven short films which feature customers being surprised, after writing in to the airline with a special request.

The stories take viewers to all corners of the globe from destinations like Cyprus, Las Vegas, Hong and Kong to Australia. The emotionally charged videos which include family reunions, a marriage proposal and a special Christmas wish granted, were posted on the airline´s Facebook page and have been some of the most popular videos the airline has ever released, racking up millions of views from all over the world.

To support the campaign, the airline has also been granting wishes for other customers who have written in to the BA Magic team. The most recent surprise was granted for the England Deaf Rugby team when they checked in at Heathrow on their way to Australia at the end of last week with a special desk for their departure and flight crewed by members of staff who were able to sign, and ensure they were given the VIP treatment on their journey.