Brexit may result in Ryanair's creation of UK subsidiary

Ryanair has reported it may create a new subsidiary to operate UK domestic flights if a “hard Brexit” comes to pass, the company said.

The company said that under the worst outcome, the UK would be forced to leave the European open-skies system as it exits the EU, which would prevent Ryanair as a European carrier from continuing to operate routes from London to Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Irish carrier said it would then need to establish a separate UK company, of which Ryanair would be able to own a maximum of 49.9 percent. If the UK remains part of the open-skies area, the company said it foresees no change in the ownership structures of Ryanair or UK carriers.

The company said airlines have been invited to a round table discussion organised by the government department charged with negotiating the UK´s exit from the EU to discuss the impact this will have on their sector.