Brazil's GRU Airport teams with IBM

Brazil-based Guarulhos International Airport the Sao Paulo International Airport said it is working with US IT services firm IBM (NYSE: IBM) to standardise and integrate the multiple technology systems used by the airport.

This will aid collaboration between GRU airport operations and its multiple stakeholders, resulting in improved efficiency, speed and security at Latin America´s busiest airport.

The redesign of the airport´s technology infrastructure being developed and implemented by IBM will gradually replace existing systems with a modern flexible system that seamlessly integrates applications and services.

This will create a central platform for GRU´s data, helping the airport more freely share information between departments, agencies and regulators. The goal is to meet the airport´s demands for a digital infrastructure that supports its growing operations, as well as the needs of airlines, retailers, financial management and business flow at the airport.

The first phase of the technology and services project is taking place now and includes installation and configuration of the systems. Next, IBM and GRU will begin integrating the data across departments and agencies. The system is expected to be fully operational by May 2014 when Terminal 3 opens, increasing the airport´s capacity by approximately 12 m passengers.

On February 6th 2012, the union of Invepar (Investments and Participation on Infrastructure S.A.) and ACSA (Airports company South Africa) was announced as the concessionaire for Guarulhos International Airport, the biggest in the country, with 32.8 m daily passengers.

The Guarulhos International Airport dealership consists of Grupar (Grupo Invepar e ACSA, 51 %) and Infraero (49 %). From the total of 51 % of the private initiative, Invepar owns 90 % and ACSA 10 %, respectively.

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