BrandSpins acquires TONE Technology

BrandSpins, LLC, company has announced the release of a new technology called ´TONEprotocol,´ that will revolutionize the advertising industry, the company said.

BrandSpins acquired an interest in the patent-pending technology that will be exclusively available via subsidiary TONEprotocol works by embedding an imperceptible tone called a ´TONE-Tag´ into any MusicDealers´ song used within television, radio, and streamed advertisements. The ´Tone-Tag´ is an imperceptible audio beacon that converts this beacon to a “code” which can be deciphered by any smartphone. Once perceived by any mobile device, the ´TONE-Tag´ will trigger a graphic ad which instantly appears on the listener´s mobile phone. is a music search platform, controlling the world´s largest pre-cleared music catalog, with ´ready-to-license,´ and ´broadcast-quality´ tracks in virtually every style and genre from around the world. provides each brand partner with its own ´brand-customized,´ turn-key, digital music store preloaded with 59M songs.

TONEprotocol is a proprietary technology developed to empower advertisers with the capability of instantly delivering a graphic ad to any mobile device via an audio stream or broadcast advertisement.