Branch tool enables automatic mobile web splash page

Branch, the industry leading deep linking and mobile engagement platform company, today introduced Branch Deepviews, a way for users to engage with an app´s content, even before committing to a download.

Deepviews are mobile web splash pages, automatically generated and hosted by Branch from pre-existing, native app content.

With over 3 million apps in the app stores, distinguishing oneself as a new app is very challenging without paying for installs or being featured in a store.

Branch Deepviews was released in Beta with selected partners iHeartRadio, WeHeartIt, 9Gag, AllTheCooks, TheChive, Close5 and many more. In every single case, the Deepview additional step outperforms the direct-to-store flow by anywhere from 2 to 6 times over.

Branch is a mobile deep linking platform for app developers that enables link-based user experiences, ranging from smart app banners to native content sharing to referral and invite features.