Branch Deepviews helps drive traffic to mobile app content

Two months after unveiling Deepviews, auto-generated app previews that drive increased app downloads, Branch said it has announced more tools to help developers leverage app content and drive web users into mobile apps.

With Branch´s new release, developers will be able to customize their Deepview templates. In addition, with their new smart routing logic, developers can choose to automatically route users from mobile web to the app if they already have the app installed.

In just eight weeks, Branch has seen enthusiastic adoption of Deepviews from a large percentage of the over 3000 apps on their platform. Some apps are seeing a click-to-install rate of over 50 percent using Deepviews, six times higher than sending users directly to the app store.

This latest version allows developers to go beyond the standard default template and create custom templates tailored to their app´s design and goals. Apps can enable Deepviews with just the click of a button on the Branch dashboard, either selecting from default templates or editing a template´s layout for a custom experience.

Also new with this release, Branch´s smart routing for websites now gives developers the option to automatically launch the app from mobile web for users that already have the app installed. The option gives developers more control to further optimize the conversion from mobile web to app users.