Booktrack inks deal with Canelo, Sony for sountracked books

Booktrack said it has partnered with London-based digital publisher Canelo to integrate Sony DADC´s User Rights Management Solution to enable Booktrack to provide a flexible open standard content protection system for eBooks.

Canelo, which produces high-quality eBooks joins the Booktrack platform, launching out-of-the-gate with two titles, the gripping thriller The Ghost Shift by Financial Times columnist and associate editor, John Gapper, and the mystery Mrs. Hudson and the Spirits´ Curse by Martin Davies – both titles will be available for sale from in the new year.

This partnership follows the recent announcement of content deals in other international markets with publishers such as SourceBooks, RosettaBooks, the Nelson Literary Agency, Orca Publishers and Mighty Media Press.

Booktrack is also adding the renowned and bestselling, London based self-published author, A.D. Starrling, to the platform. A.D. Starrling is the author of the award-winning series Seventeen, and her books Soul Meaning, King´s Crusade and First Death are now available, complete with movie-style soundtracks, to download on Booktrack. Five further A.D. Starrling works are to be released over the next few months.

The UK is the second biggest market for Booktrack, representing over 15 percent of its overall traffic. Nearly 70 percent of UK users use Booktrack via mobile devices, the highest percentage of all markets (US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).

By mapping a soundtrack to the story, the digital book becomes an immersive reading experience keeping the reader engaged for longer. In the same way music changed the film industry, Booktrack is confident that the future of reading will involve a contextual and synchronized soundtrack played in harmony with the story delivered.

Featuring an engaged community of more than 2.5 million users worldwide, Booktrack offers over 16,000 titles in 30 different languages, across all genres of reading. Globally available, Booktrack is used in more than 150 countries and has proven to increase reading comprehension by 17 percent, retention by 30 percent and satisfaction and enjoyment by 35 percent.*