Bomgar Privileged Identity secures credentials, controls access to critical IT resources

Bomgar, a provider of secure access solutions, has announced the latest release of Bomgar Privileged Identity, the company said.

The product features enhanced integrations with Bomgar Privileged Access, as well as improved manageability over SSH keys and Linux systems. Bomgar Privileged Identity is a rebranded and updated version of the award-winning RED Identity Management solution from Lieberman Software, which Bomgar acquired earlier this year.

Privileged Identity contains cyberattacks that penetrate the network perimeter by securing the privileged credentials needed to gain access to IT assets. It continuously discovers privileged accounts throughout the cross-platform enterprise and automatically randomizes the credentials for each account at substantial speed and scale. Even if a hacker harvests a credential, the threat is contained because the stolen credential is time-limited and cannot be used to further expand the attack in the environment.

In addition to helping mitigate the damage caused by cyberattacks, Bomgar Privileged Identity increases the productivity of IT staff. It operates automatically on an ongoing basis to eliminate time-consuming manual IT tasks, such as frequently updating privileged credentials in large enterprise environments.

Bomgar´s secure access solutions enable customers to easily support people, access and protect endpoints, and defend privileged credentials, in order to fight cyber threats and speed business performance. More than 13,000 organizations around the globe use Bomgar to deliver superior support services and reduce threats to valuable data and systems.