Bombardier expands capabilities across network

Bombardier Business Aircraft said it has expanded its Customer Response Team (CRT) mobile fleet to include a fully equipped service support van based at the Amsterdam Service Centre in the Netherlands.

This marks the 15th addition of a mobile unit to its worldwide fleet. The addition follows the deployment of a CRT van in Nice, France, where Bombardier has offered line maintenance support since 2014.

The Amsterdam van covers Benelux, and the Nice van travels between the south of France and Northern Italy, offering the full strength of the Bombardier Business Aircraft Service Centre Network in a mobile environment.

The vans are manned by a team of technicians and support all families of Bombardier Business Aircraft. They travel fully equipped with both consumable and servicing equipment, and carry state-of-the-art, comprehensive tooling on board to perform unscheduled and scheduled maintenance. They also have the capacity to carry specialized equipment as required.

Bombardier is the world´s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains and is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.