BoldlyGo, Mission Centaur launch new era of space exploration with Project Blue

BoldlyGo Institute and Mission Centaur have led a consortium of organizations including the SETI Institute and University of Massachusetts Lowell to launch Project Blue, the companies said.

Project Blue is an endeavor for a new era of discovery and space exploration that employs recent technological advances. The project is designed to obtain an image of another planet like Earth, which is a next step to understanding and exploring worlds outside our solar system.

Project Blue will work to fund, build and launch a compact exoplanet imaging telescope aimed at Alpha Centauri–the closest star system to Earth–to determine whether Earth-like planets exist around it and if so, to capture a direct “pale blue dot” image.

The BoldlyGo Institute is based in New York and was founded to address scientific questions through new approaches to developing space science missions while engaging the global community in the quest.

Mission Centaur is a nonprofit organization that fosters public and private collaboration through Project Blue. Mission Centaur was founded by a group of philanthropists, scientists and engineers to pursue a transformational space exploration mission.