Boeing's F-15 Qatar jet demonstrates maneuverability, speed in 1st flight

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has announced the completion of the F-150QA fighter´s first flight, demonstrating next-generation capabilities, the company said.

The F-15QA, the most advanced version of the jet, was developed for the Qatar Emiri Air Force (QEAF).

the jet demonstrated its next-generation capabilities during its 90-minute mission. The flight took off and landed from Lambert International Airport in St. Louis.

Boeing´s flight test team implemented a precise mission checklist to test the multirole aircraft´s capabilities. The aircraft demonstrated its maneuverability during its vertical Viking takeoff and by pulling nine Gs, or nine times the force of earth´s gravity, in its subsequent maneuvering in the test airspace. Checks of systems such as avionics and radar were also successful. A test team monitoring the data in real time confirmed the aircraft performed as planned.

The US Department of Defense awarded Boeing a USD 6.2 billion contract in 2017 to manufacture 36 F-15 fighter jets for the QEAF. Boeing will begin delivering aircraft to the customer in 2021. In addition, Boeing was awarded a US Air Force foreign military sale contract in 2019 for F-15QA aircrew and maintenance training for the QEAF.