Boeing to suspend production operations in Puget Sound due to escalating COVID-19 pandemic

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has announced a temporary suspension of its Puget Sound area facilities´ production operations beginning March 25, the company said.

The suspension of operations is in light of the state of emergency in Washington state and the company´s continuous assessment of the accelerating spread of the coronavirus in the region. These actions are being taken to ensure the well-being of employees, their families and the local community, and will include an orderly shutdown consistent with the requirements of its customers.

The suspension of production operations will last 14 days, during which Boeing will continue to monitor government guidance and actions on COVID-19 and its associated impacts on all company operations. During this time, we will be conducting additional deep cleaning activities at impacted sites and establishing rigorous criteria for return to work.

Boeing is working to minimize this suspension´s impact on the company´s ability to deliver and support its defense and space programs, and ensure the readiness of our defense customers to perform their vital missions.