Boeing Starliner to launch Atlas V rocket for uncrewed flight test to International Space Station

Boeing´s [NYSE: BA] has announced its CST-100 Starliner will launch the uncrewed Atlas V rocket spacecraft on its first flight test to the International Space Station, the company said.

Liftoff from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station is targeted for Dec. 17.

Starliner was mated to the rocket´s upper stage in ULA´s Vertical Integration Facility after being transported this morning from Boeing´s assembly building at NASA´s Kennedy Space Center. On Dec. 15, two days before launch, Starliner and its Atlas V will move a final half-mile to its launch pad.

The first Starliner flight to the International Space Station, which Boeing also built and sustains for NASA, will carry only cargo for its few-day docked stay. The second flight test, using a different spacecraft, will take Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson, along with NASA astronauts Mike Fincke and Nicole Mann, to the station for a longer mission.