Boeing reveals GE-9X engines for 777X

Boeing has announced it has offered a first look the GE-9X engines that power the 777X aircraft, the company said.

The engine, featuring a front fan with 16 carbon composite blades, each twisted into a thin, aerodynamically curved shape, is encased in a carbon composite pod, or nacelle, that gives it a diameter of 184 inches at the widest point.

The fuselage of a single-aisle Boeing 737, which might be flown on a typical domestic flight, would fit comfortably within those outer nacelle dimensions.

The engine is the product of an investment of more than USD 2 billion by General Electric. It was assembled in Durham, N.C., and Peebles, Ohio, from parts built all over the US, Europe and Japan. The GE-9X is an evolution of the GE-90 engine, of which more than 2,600 have been delivered. That engine has exclusively powered Boeing´s 777-300ER since it entered service with British Airways in November 1995.

With a maximum engine pod diameter of 166 inches, the GE-90 was previously the world´s biggest jet engine but is now overshadowed by this gigantic GE-9X variant.