Boeing names new CEO/president

Board of directors of Boeing has named board member David L. Calhoun as CEO and president, effective January 13, 2020, following the resignation of Dennis A. Muilenburg from his positions as CEO and board director, the company said.

Calhoun will remain a member of the Board. Board member Lawrence W. Kellner will become non-executive Chairman of the Board effective immediately.

Boeing Chief Financial Officer Greg Smith will serve as interim CEO during the brief transition period, while Calhoun exits his non-Boeing commitments.

The Board of Directors decided that a change in leadership was necessary to restore confidence in the Company moving forward as it works to repair relationships with regulators, customers, and all other stakeholders.

Under the Company´s new leadership, Boeing will operate with a renewed commitment to full transparency, including effective and proactive communication with the FAA, other global regulators and its customers.

Boeing has halted production on the 737 MAX, nine months after the FAA grounded the plane. The company has more than 700 MAX aircraft grounded worldwide, including nearly 400 built since the grounding. Many have been in storage so long they´ll need extensive maintenance before they fly.