Boeing delivers 2,000th aircraft to Chinese operator

Boeing (NYSE: BA) has announced the delivery of its 2,000th airplane–a 737 MAX–to Xiamen Airlines in China, the company said.

Boeing said the milestone and the pace at which it was reached reflect the accelerating growth in the world´s largest commercial aviation market.

Boeing delivered its first 1,000 airplanes to Chinese airlines over four decades. The next 1,000 Boeing jets have now been delivered over the past five years. The rapid pace continues as one in four Boeing-made commercial jet goes to a Chinese operator, either through direct purchase or lease.

Xiamen Airlines is one of Boeing´s more than 30 commercial customers in China. In all, Boeing-made jets comprise more than half of the greater than 3,000 jetliners flying in the country.

China´s commercial fleet is expected to more than double over the next 20 years. Boeing forecasts that China will need 7,690 new airplanes, valued at USD 1.2 trillion, by 2038. Boeing also forecasts China will experience strong growth in the commercial services market with demand growing USD 1.5 trillion over the next 20 years, accounting for 17 percent of world demand.

Boeing activity in China is valued at more than USD 1 billion in economy activity in China. This includes procurement from Boeing´s extensive supply base, joint venture revenues, operations, training, and research and development investment.