Boeing announces changes to focus on product and services s

Boeing has announced it is taking several immediate actions to focus on product and services safety, based on recent recommendations from the board of directors, the company said.

The actions are the result of a five-month independent review of the company´s policies and processes for the design and development of its airplanes by a specially appointed committee, following the Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 737 MAX accidents.

Recommendations from the Committee on Airplane Policies and Processes–supported by extensive outreach to internal and external experts–focused on further improving safety throughout the company and the broader aerospace ecosystem.

In addition to the previously announced permanent Aerospace Safety Committee of the Boeing board of directors, Muilenburg shared that Boeing is standing up a new Product and Services Safety organization that will further strengthen the company´s safety-first focus. This organization will unify safety-related responsibilities currently managed by teams across several Boeing business and operating units.

Concurrently and in addition to the board´s recommendations, Boeing is steps taking to strengthen how it manages safety across the company and its supply chain, focusing on operational excellence, investing in its people and, in partnership with others across the aerospace community, working to improve global aviation safety.

Boeing is an aerospace company and provider of commercial airplanes, defense, space and security systems, and global services. As a US exporter, the company supports commercial and government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing employs more than 150,000 people worldwide and leverages the talents of a global supplier base.