Boeing, AkzoNobel collaborate in coatings partnership

Boeing has announced it has reached a milestone in its paint partnership with AkzoNobel following the delivery of its 787th 787 aircraft, the company said.

The landmark plane was painted in a special livery for China Southern Airlines, using the company´s industry-leading base coat/clear coat system.

At the same time, Boeing recently delivered its 1,000th new aircraft to have been painted with AkzoNobel´s unrivalled Aerodur 3001/3002 paint system.

Aerodur 3001/3002 is the most widely-used aerospace paint system in the industry. AkzoNobel has been supplying it to Boeing since 2010, and has been supplying base coat/clear coat to the aircraft maker since 2014.

The Aerodur system stands out for two main reasons — reduced application time and improved durability. This results in drastically reduced downtime. It also provides outstanding gloss and color retention, superior chemical and stain resistance, flexibility and weathering performance.