Boeing 777 Freighter joins the Volga-Dnepr fleet of 22 Boeing freighters

Boeing (NYSE: BA) has announced a fuel efficient, twin-engine 777 freighter has joined the Volga Dnepr Group´s fleet of 22 Boeing freighters, departing Paine Field in Everett Washington, the company said.

The freighter will begin operations with AirBridgeCargo, a subsidiary of Volga-Dnepr.

AirBridgeCargo will operate the airplane via a sale-leaseback agreement with Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE).

Volga-Dnepr Group is among the world´s largest Boeing freighter operators, flying 17 747 freighters and five 737 freighters, including 13 747-8F, four 747-400ERF, two 737-800BCF and three 737-400SF.

The 777 Freighter, which can fly 4,970 nautical miles (9,200 kilometers), can carry a payload of 224,900 lbs. (102,010 kg), more cargo capacity than any other twin-engine freighter. Of all production freighters, only the 747F and 777 Freighter are capable of carrying tall and outsized cargo loads on 3-meter (10-foot) tall pallets.

Boeing provides more than 90 percent of the worldwide-dedicated freighter capacity. Customers have ordered 231 Boeing 777 Freighters since the program began in 2005. Volga-Dnepr becomes the 19th operator to date to use the large-capacity twin-engine freighter.